Whether we are aware of it or not, color always affects us. One color makes you feel peace and tranquility, the other – sudden awakening. The palette we have nowadays, just like the ways of self-expression, is limitless yet we still try to explore our nature, get back to the very roots. We turn to myths, traditions and beliefs associated with color and its perceptions.

SEASON 01 features four primary colors, four prints. As a few available colors formed the palette of an ancient men, prompting their development, we try to regain the lost focus: to fix it by choosing the “foundation” that can help many to find themselves. We believe that everyone chooses their own color with their soul so it’s our pleasure to give the opportunity to express yourselves through the YASPIS colors.

Verdant is a symbol of peace, balance of external and internal forces.

Cerulean is the color of depth, endless knowledge, comprehension of oneself.

Vermillion is the color of flame, energy, life itself.

Crimson symbolizes duality, referring to wisdom and persistence.

YASPIS pieces can tell a story about that the color in its original form. Not always tangible, but intuitive: the form of associations and feelings. One of the four YASPIS colors can suit everybody in one way or another. This is a mutual choice - you choose a color, and it chooses you.

The symbols and fairy tales are beyond what’s real, they exist in the space of imagination where truth and fiction, order and chaos, practical and spiritual, human and cosmic meet. Folklore tradition carry many of them yet we’re mostly inspired by the forest where many fairy tales take place. YASPIS pieces are inspired by the mysteries and secrets of the thicket. We reflect the depth and mysticism of this space in a modern form: in a combination of colors and a tight-fitting silhouette that emphasizes the uniqueness and beauty of your body.

Every day we are born again. We change and become immune to what happened yesterday. Choosing clothes means making a conscious decision what will keep your body company, what will become your second skin.